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Amelia "Amy" Namey is a girl reporter in Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days. She befriends Judy by asking her into the My-Name-Is-A-Poem Club and like Judy, she collects ABC gum but keeps it in a small room under the stairs. Like Frank, she wears glasses.


  • Judy Moody - Amy's classmate whose name rhymes just like her.
  • Rocky Zang - Judy's best friend who sits next to Amy during lunchtime.
  • Frank Pearl - Judy's friend who sits next to Amy during lunchtime.
  • Jessica Finch - Judy's classmate and sometimes enemy.


At the start of the book, Amy sits in between Rocky and Frank at lunchtime, interviewing them about school. She calls stories that she reports "scoops". She is in the My-Name-Is-A-Poem Club and invites Judy in it because her name rhymes just like Amy. Later, Mr Todd introduces Amy to Class 3T, and apart from that, Amy was formerly from Class 3V, Miss Valentine's class. She shows the class a paper-mache globe, but when Rocky pops it by sticking a pin in it, Judy thinks Rocky did it on purpose, and that causes the two best friends not to talk to each other anymore.

Judy later goes to Amy's house and she shows Judy a small room under the stairs, where she keeps all her ABC gum, but she warns Judy not to let Amy's mum about it, because it's a secret. They make paper mache in the kitchen and have a paper mache fight.