Mrs Grossman is a teacher who takes over Mr Todd's role for Class 3T in Judy Moody Goes to College. Judy Moody isn't briefly keen on Mrs Grossman. Mrs Grossman gives the class treats for good behavior or good work, and has a tent at the back of the room called the Attitude Tent. Mrs Grossman looks after Class 3T while Mr Todd is in Italy.


  • Judy Moody - A third grader who is always in a mood. She isn't briefly keen on Mrs Grossman and needed some extra help with her maths. She also has a new watch called the Ask-A-Question Watch 5000.
  • Rocky Zang - Judy's best friend.
  • Frank Pearl - Judy's "pest" friend.
  • Jessica Finch - Judy's classmate and sometimes enemy. She is a fan of pigs.
  • Amy Namey - Judy's classmate whose name rhymes just like her.