Rockett "Rocky" Zang is Judy Moody's best friend and member of the TP Club. He does magic tricks on the bus to and from school. He has a pet iguana named Houdini.


  • Judy Moody - Rocky's best friend. They cross China and Japan together.
  • Stink Moody - Judy's little brother. He is often friends with Rocky too.
  • Frank Pearl - Judy and Rocky's friend. They usually hang around anywhere, including Stink.
  • Amy Namey - Judy's classmate who interviews Rocky and Frank at lunchtime in Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days.
  • Jessica Finch - Judy's classmate and sometimes enemy. She, Rocky and Frank trick Judy into thinking that the class guinea pig, Peanut, has babies in Judy Moody: The Doctor Is In!


  • Houdini - Rocky's pet iguana. When something scares him, his tail drops off.


  • In Judy Moody, Rocky picks up a toad and it pees on him after Judy.
  • In Judy Moody Gets Famous!, Rocky brings Houdini to the Fur 'n' Fangs Pet Contest, and dances the congo with Judy, Frank and Stink.
  • In Judy Moody Saves the World!, Judy and Rocky eat bananas and put the skins into the compost to save the rainforest.
  • In Judy Moody Declares Independence, Judy tells Rocky all about her holiday in Boston.
  • In Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days, Rocky and Frank sit next to Amy at lunchtime. Later in the book, Rocky and Judy fall out after the accident of Amy's paper mache globe and not talk to each other.
  • In Judy Moody Goes to College, Judy sits next to her "peeps" Rocky and Frank at lunchtime.
  • In Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer (same as the movie), Rocky goes to circus camp to do magic tricks, walk on a tightrope and saw someone in half.